IGNITED-CHURCH: Lakeland-Erweckung geht weiter mit Stephen Strader & Team - Videos rund-um-die-Uhr + LIVE ab 16:00 & 01:00 nachts

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Bitte den "RayV Viewer" runterladen. Nach erfolgreicher Installation sollte dann oben der "RayV-Player" zu sehen sein - dort einfach auf "Play" klicken und dann sollte der Stream laufen. Als Alternative gibt es auch den Live-Stream der IgnitedChurch bei UStream (niedrigere Qualität)

Infos | Berichte | Videos:
->Stephen Straders tägliche Berichte + Ankündigen (inJesus.com)
->Sendezeiten für Live-Übertragungen (iWorshipHere)
->IgnitedChurch-Video-Archiv bei UStream.tv


Zeitplan ab 5. September 08 (Uhrzeiten in EST - für dt. Zeit immer 6 Stunden dazurechnen):

in Believers Fellowship: 10am & 7pm
->Believers' Fellowship Word of Faith Church
->Live-Stream of Believers Fellowship Church on UStream

Wednesdays through Fridays – OUTPOURING RALLIES
Ignited Church 10am & 7pm

Ignited Church 10am (see calendar for which session is scheduled)

Ignited Church 7pm

Sunday Mornings - Please visit one of these churches:
->Ignited Church
->Believers' Fellowship Word of Faith Church
->TLC Family Church

Ignited Church 7pm

Mondays – day off

LAKELAND OUTPOURING continues!!! Stephen Strader Aug 21

The people are still coming. The anointing is still flowing. The Holy Spirit is still removing burdens, destroying yokes, and changing lives. Miracles are still happening!
We encourage you to try out the NEW BOOKSTORE. You can purchase all of the messages from the Outpouring!!!

Please continue to pray for Todd and his family. Let's all believe God for a miraculous intervention!
Please write me with any praise reports or prayer requests.

PRAISE (at) ignitedchurch (dot) com
PRAYER (at) ignitedchurch (dot) com
If you have any questions... write: OUTPOURING (at) ignitedchurch (dot) com

Please continue to pray for me, our team, and our Lakeland Alliance leadership as we steward this outpouring!

About Ignited Church Lakeland
Welcome to the Lakeland Outpouring. It began April 2, 2008, and has continued through today. Every day we have anointed speakers and worship leaders from all over the world.

We continue to experience a powerful anointing in every service. Each day the Holy Spirit graces us with another facet of God's Glory!

We invite everyone to come and experience this outpouring. We especially welcome all international guests. Services are scheduled through the end of 2008 and beyond as the Lord leads.


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