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Bezüglich der momentanen Trennung zwischen Todd und Shonnah Bentley schreibt Rick Joyner in The History and Future of the Present Revival - Part 9:

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been an increasing swirl of controversy regarding Todd Bentley. I have had almost daily contact with him, and he asked me to post the following:

>>Todd Bentley asked me to convey his appreciation for all the prayers, expressions of love, and concern while he tries to navigate through this present situation. He is grieved by the trouble and confusion this has caused, especially to his friends, coworkers, and all who have trusted him. He wants to make a clear statement about it, acknowledging his responsibility in this and the mistakes he made, but he feels that he should first meet with Pastor Bill Johnson, who is out of the country and will not be available for a couple more weeks. He asks that you would continue to pray for him, and he thanks those who are willing to be patient. He wants to do this right and not hastily or superficially.<<

I would like to accept personal responsibility for counseling Todd to wait until he has talked with Bill before trying to make the “full disclosure” of his mistakes. This needs to be done right and in a way that does not unnecessarily hurt even more people. In just a couple of weeks, things should have calmed down enough for a statement to be made. Impatience is not a fruit of the Spirit, and I have personally never seen anything done under the kind of duress and pressure that some are trying to exert at this time that ended up not being a mistake.

The only thing that I have received from the Lord about this matter directly is that “those who rush to judgment will be exposed.” This entire matter, including the Lakeland Outpouring, is a test. To me, the miracles, healings, salvations, and profoundly changed lives that resulted in people, some that I personally know, make all that is happening now still worth it, many times over. (...)

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Rick Joyner schreibt über das Erweckungstreffen am 08.08.08 und die Situation bei Todd und Shonnah Bentley:

The History and Future of the Present Revival - Part 8:
We knew that our gathering on 8/8/08 would be significant, and we were not disappointed. Eight is the number of new beginnings, and we had many prophetic indications that this day was going to release a new beginning for us. It did.

The night before this gathering in our Breakout Meeting, there was an unusual and high level anointing. We later realized that 8/8/08 had already begun in the Lord because He starts His days on the evening before. Through the summer we have had extraordinary meetings, with exceptional healings, miracles, signs, and wonders. Even so, much of what has been happening at MorningStar has come through our youth and students, and we have been greatly looking forward to them returning in September from summer vacation. But on Thursday night, August 7, it was electric, and it felt like one of the meetings filled with the youth and kids even though many were not there. There was a renewing, and everyone was seemingly feeling and acting younger. This too is a sign. This anointing for renewal is for body, soul, and spirit. We are going to be getting younger rather than older in many ways.

The bride of Christ is called to be without spot, which speaks of her purity. That she will be without wrinkle speaks of her perpetual youthfulness. Because eight is the number of new beginnings, there was a spirit of renewal present here and it is manifesting in us in many ways. Of course, renewal and refreshing come from the presence of the Lord, and the Holy Spirit will quicken our mortal bodies. Not only are people having their visions and hopes renewed, but many have been feeling and even looking much younger after being in our meetings for a time.

These are also the times when we can expect “signs in the heavens and on the earth beneath” as prophesied in Acts 2:19. The thousands who came to our gathering on August 8 witnessed a significant one. Days before, a high pressure system had been sitting over the area, and the temperatures had been as high as 100 degrees. The night before our gathering, a low pressure system moved through, and cleared the air. When we began our 8/8/08 meeting at 5:00 p.m., according to the weather report, it was 88 degrees, and the wind was blowing at 8 mph. Though this is what we prayed for, it is of course far beyond our ability to do something like this. It was a sign from heaven.

August 8 is a special day for my family and our ministry. My daughter Amber’s birth was prophesied by Bob Jones in 1988 to come on August 8 and that she would weigh 8 pounds. Bob prophesied this two years before she was born on August 8, 1990, at about 8:00 a.m. She weighed 8 pounds just like we had been told. The prophecy was that she would be a sign of a new beginning that was coming to the church. That new beginning is here! Amber turned 18 on 8/8/08, which is the age of maturity, and we can expect to see the new breed of ministry that the Lord has been promising to now begin to emerge into their purposes.

It was also in 1988 when Bob Jones was told by the Lord that he had “lost his marbles in the garden,” as a metaphor of how mankind had lost its mind at the Fall in the Garden of Eden. Bob was also told that he would begin finding marbles in his literal garden that he planted each year, and they would each be a prophecy. On the day of Amber’s birth, Bob found marble number 8, and it was amber in color. Amber is the color of the glory of God and represents the coming of His glory to His people. In fact, we need to see His glory to get our sanity back and that is precisely what this new beginning is going to reveal—the glory of God.

When we were given this prophecy, Julie and I were not expecting to have any more children. Many Christians have likewise ceased to expect any more from God, but He has other plans! You may think your time of bearing fruit is over, but it does not matter how old you are because we have been given a new beginning. You have been given a new beginning. This is a new day! We, the church, are not going to be the same from this time forward. A great change has come, and though it may take some longer than others to recognize it, with some resisting it (as is always the case), a new thing has been released, and we will not be the same again.

Greater Signs and Wonders
We have seen more healings, miracles, and supernatural signs in the last sixteen weeks than we have in the last sixteen years—and we have experienced a lot in the past! We continually walk around in awe now, and this is without question a new level for us, but I also think it is just one more step back to what should be normal church life. This “new beginning” is actually a return to the “ancient paths,” the path of life that the church in the first century began to walk on before it was diverted from its course.

Nothing on this earth is as wonderful as knowing the Lord and watching Him do the wonderful things that He does. These are truly the days of miracles and wonders. As awesome as 8/8/08 was, and as our nightly Breakout Meetings are, He keeps on telling us to get ready for more! We still have not seen the birth, but what we have been experiencing are the last spiritual contractions, or birth pangs, before the birth. Again, this is not just about MorningStar or the Lakeland Outpouring, it is far bigger. True revival is coming to America!

This is about the harvest that is the end of the age. We need to have a clear perspective of what is coming so that we can be used in it. Every one of His people on the earth at this time has a significant calling to fulfill. For this reason it has also been our purpose from the beginning of the Breakout to equip the people who come to go home and release healing and miracles into their families, their churches, and their communities.

Todd Bentley’s Ministry on 8/8/08
We were very excited about having Todd Bentley back with us for the gathering on 8/8/08. Todd has stirred up the church like few others in recent times. There are also very few who are neutral about him. Immediately, unprecedented excitement and threats about Todd were coming. The threats encouraged us even more that this was from the Lord, but in these times, they must be taken seriously, and we prepared for a move of God and attacks from the enemy. As most of us have learned, the greater the move of God, the greater the attacks usually are.

We had food vendors, different exhibition tents, and bookstores set up and ready early in the morning, and people started coming just after 9:00 a.m., even though the main service was not scheduled to start until 5:00 p.m. By noon, the crowds were getting large, and everyone seemed to be having a great time in the festival atmosphere and the incredible weather.

When the meeting began, the presence of the Lord was heavy, and as often happens in our meetings, many people’s eyes were opened to start seeing things in the spiritual realm. To see the energy and zeal on the crowd was most encouraging, and though there was plenty of room for everyone to sit, thousands actually stood for the entire five-hour meeting.

I have known Todd for years and have spoken at his conferences just as he has spoken at ours. However, he was as anointed that night as I’ve ever seen him, and he said it was the strongest he had felt for some time. His message was both profound and anointed. The ministry time was powerful, and many people, some of whom we knew, were healed. There were also what the Scripture calls “noteworthy miracles” (see Acts 4:16). When it was over, everyone on our team and everyone I talked to afterward said that the day had exceeded their expectations. God had no doubt smiled on this gathering in a remarkable and prophetic way. The DVD sets from that night will be classics.

Todd Bentley’s Personal Problems
I did not hear that Todd was going through a personal crisis until the day before our meeting with him here. When I saw him Wednesday night, he immediately wanted to share with me about his personal problems—especially about his recent separation from his wife. Todd did not share this in a way to try and justify himself, but he wanted me to know what was going on with him to give me an out if I did not think he should minister the next day. I greatly appreciated this.

I still do not know all of the details of his separation, but I did ask him if there had been any immorality on his part, or if he had affections for someone else that was causing this. He assured me that he had never committed adultery, and that there was no “other woman” that caused his separation. Some of his leaders who I talked to also confirmed that Todd had not been in any immoral relationship, though they were all grieving over Todd’s marital problems.

The problems Todd and his wife have had getting along have been public knowledge for several years. I don’t know enough of the details to blame anyone, but I know Todd quite well, and being married to him has got to be like being hand-cuffed to a hurricane. Todd is so intense he makes Mike Bickle and Bob Weiner seem laid back. I think he is very much like the Apostle Peter. What makes him capable of such extraordinary faith also makes him prone to extraordinary blunders. Todd is an extreme manifestation of an emerging extreme generation. His wife may deserve to sit at the right hand of the Lord in the kingdom, and anyone who has worked with him should be up there close somewhere too.

Like it or not, that is often the nature of those who accomplish some of the greatest spiritual exploits—they also make some of the biggest bloopers. Hearing about these problems did not surprise me at all. Since I have now heard about more details, I’m still not shocked. These are problems, and they need to be fixed, which includes repenting and turning around, but if we want the victories and breakthroughs we all hope and pray for, they usually come through people with the same kind of nature. Right after Jesus gave Peter one of the greatest commendations in Scripture for the receiving the greatest of all revelations, that Jesus is the Christ, and then gave him the keys to the kingdom, He had to give Peter one of the greatest rebukes in Scripture by calling him Satan! (see Matthew 16:18-23)

However, the Lord did not take the keys back from Peter, even after he later denied the Lord, and even later in his life when the youngest apostle, Paul, had to publicly rebuke him (see Galatians 2:11-15). It seems that most of those who are given these keys to unlock the spiritual doors to the kingdom will also be prone to make major blunders. This type of person is simply not going to do anything small—they will have great victories, and when they have defeats, they will be great too.

When I was in Lakeland a few months ago, I was told that Todd had been making a real effort to patch things up and heal their relationship, but in June she had left and refused any contact. Todd has now lost hope that it will be worked out, especially now that she has made it clear that she will not even see him. Todd is obviously frustrated and just wants to resolve this situation that has been so hard for so long.

In marriage, I have learned there are those who admit they have been through times when they wondered if their marriage would make it, and then there are liars. Relationships are hard, and the closer they are, the harder they can be. I tell everyone that I give premarital counseling to that the Lord has ordained their marriage in order to kill both of them! That is true. It is also worth it! The greatest gift He gave to man was marriage and family. However, to have a marriage that is good, both will have to die to themselves. If either one does not make the commitment to lay down their life for their mate and their family, then what was meant to be heaven can be hell.

Family is the foundation of society, and the weaker the family is, the weaker that society will be. The weaker the families are in the church, the weaker the church will be. That is why the family life must be strong of those whom the church accepts as leaders, and there are clear biblical standards for them. If we start compromising the clear biblical standards for morality, integrity, and relationships, we will fall, and we will fail at all that the Lord has called us to. Compromising clear biblical standards can never be on the table—for anyone, regardless of how much power they walk in, how great they can preach, or how they can mobilize people.

We are also living in a society where about half of the people have now been divorced. Many more are refusing to get married because of the problems they have witnessed and the pain they suffered when their parents went through a divorce. The children are always the biggest victims of a divorce, and the meltdown in family is one of the great tragedies and great emergencies of our times. It is therefore understandable that some want to make a big deal out of Todd’s marital problems—it is a big deal.

So, should someone who is divorced be disqualified from ministry or from leadership in the church? How can we disqualify someone from ministry or leadership for something that would disqualify God? In Jeremiah 3, we are told that God gave Israel a certificate of divorce. God is divorced. Nearly half the people in our churches have been divorced. A good many Christians now stay away from the church because they have suffered a divorce, and they feel condemned by the church for it. This is an issue that we need to address for the church, not just Todd.

When God got a divorce, was it His fault? Of course not! He was the most perfect Husband there could ever be, but He had a wayward wife that He finally gave up on. That is what happened, and if you do not believe me, go read it yourself. There is a limit to what even God will put up with and rightly so. There are things that justify divorce. Even so, I think it is because the Lord Himself went through a divorce that He hates divorce so much. Divorce is always a tragedy and usually even more for the children than for the parents.

I am not at all saying this to justify Todd or condemn him. At present, I still do not know enough about his situation to condemn or justify anyone. Unrighteous judges, who are often those who rush to judgment, are also condemned in Scripture. I am writing this to try to keep some from stumbling by jumping to conclusions. We have a brother, a sister, their children, and a ministry that is really hurting right now. I greatly appreciate Todd’s willingness to keep ministering and praying for the healing of those who are afflicted and hurting, but he, his family, and his ministry need much healing right now. One thing that would help them and the body of Christ, possibly more than anything else, is to see some real Christian charity expressed in this situation and some righteous judges stand up, which is the duty of true elders in the church.

It would be one of the great tragedies to the body of Christ in our times to lose a ministry like Todd has. He is called to start much more than the Lakeland Outpouring, and just as the Lord went around destroying the works of the enemy by healing the sick, casting out demons, and demonstrating the power of the kingdom, Todd is doing that. He is taking ground in real power ministry on a level that has not been seen in decades. To lose Todd, and to lose Fresh Fire Ministries, would be a major defeat for the body of Christ. We would survive, and we would still ultimately prevail, but the cost of this defeat would be great.

So what do we do? First, in all things we must keep in mind that “love never fails” (see I Corinthians 13:8). How would the Lord respond to this? How can we see this through His eyes? We already know because He showed us. In II Corinthians 5:14 Paul wrote, “For the love of Christ controls us.” How would we behave if Christ’s love was controlling us? When mankind fell, He did not criticize, gossip about us, or condemn us—He laid down His life for us.

The world will never believe our gospel of redemption and restoration until we learn to redeem and restore. Let’s take a worst case scenario here and say that Todd was guilty of terrible things and is the one at fault in the separation—what should our response be? We are told in Galatians 6:1:

Brethren, even if a man is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, lest you too be tempted.

So, if anyone has been “caught in any trespass,” those who are “spiritual” must restore them. Those who are truly spiritual approach every situation with that goal—redemption and restoration. This is more than just forgiving them—it is getting them back to the place they were. The next verse says, “Bear one another's burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).

Already there is some gloating over this situation. Some are trying to use it to promote themselves. Every situation like this is a test for everyone. Some will pass and some will fail, and the nature of everyone will be exposed. Those who truly walk in the Spirit of Christ will be obvious. The Holy Spirit is the Helper, and those who truly walk by the Spirit will be trying to help, because they love Todd, his wife, the church, and most of all, the Lord who already laid down His life for them.

This is a real opportunity for the church to show some maturity and Christian love. This does not mean compromise, but it does mean addressing this situation in an almost opposite way that we have tended to do in the past. We will all reap what we sow, and if we want to reap grace, we must learn to sow grace every chance we get. If we want to receive mercy, we need to learn to sow mercy every chance we get. Here’s a good chance!

So what does this mean for the Lakeland Outpouring? I will address that in a bit more depth in the next Bulletin, but for now, it can continue and it can get even stronger. A well has been opened there that does not have to be shut again. However, it does depend on a lot of decisions made by the church there. We should be praying for them and asking how we can help them because they were used to release something very important to the worldwide body of Christ. Todd had already decided to turn the Lakeland meetings over to Stephen Strader and to only take a couple of other meetings over the next few months to rest and sort out his life.

What will be happening at MorningStar? I will address that in a bit more depth also, but we received a new commission on 8/8/08, and we are going higher, deeper, and further. We are close to the birth of something we were created for, that we believe will begin this fall, around September 21. We have been given that date like we were 8/8/08 and it is not a coincidence that this date is exactly six months after the Honoring the Father’s Conference we hosted with WhiteDove Ministries. Because of this, we moved our Harvest Conference to begin on September 18, and the Worship & Warfare Conference to begin on September 22, so September 21 will be the Sunday in-between. Come to either or both of these if you can, and you may be a part of history.

For information about these conferences, there is a blurb at the end of this Bulletin. More information is available on our website at Because this will be a large outdoor event, we are also making a place for dozens of ministries, churches, Christian artists, publishers, etc., to lease a tent at a nominal charge so they will be able to share about their ministries and resources. We will have midnight bonfires, roaming worship and ministry teams, and other events that will create a festival atmosphere that is conducive to members of the body getting to know one another. Many important bonds between them will begin at this event. This one really could be historic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 8,888 that come.

By the way, did you notice that this is Special Bulletin #8? I didn’t plan that, and I just noticed it myself. This is just the year of eight for us. Even our NFL team, The Panthers, finished 8–8 last year. For us that was a perfect season!

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John Arnott von der Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship schreibt:

“Ich habe gerade den Artikel über die Lakeland Erweckung nochmals gelesen, den ich vor zwei Monaten für unsere neuste Ausgabe unserer Gemeindezeitschrift schrieb. Es war ein glühender Bericht der wunderbaren Heilung, die dort geschieht.

Jetzt schreibe ich mit Schwermut und Enttäuschung, unseren Freunden und Unterstützern. Du hast vielleicht schon gehört, dass Todd Bentley seine Entscheidung bekannt gegeben hat, sich von Shonnah, seiner Frau zu trennen.
Ich bin für den Leib Christi betrübt, der immer wieder ernüchtert worden ist. Ich gräme mich um die ganze hingebungsvollen frischen Mitarbeiter, Roy Fields und alle Musiker und für Stephen Strader, den Pastor der Gemeinde vor Ort und alle seine treuen Leute, die so fleißig gedient haben. Wenn einige von uns gewusst hätten, was vor sich ging, vielleicht wären wir im Stande gewesen Etwas zu unternehmen, bevor Dinge in Krise eintraten.

Wir von TACF, catch the fire, die Partner in Harvest und der Revival-Verbindung wollen mit Todd und Shonnah zusammen stehen, Seelsorge und Unterstützung anzubieten. Wir alle wollen den Nutzen sehen, der aus diesem Dienst gekommen ist. Ich habe Todd seit mehreren Jahren gekannt und habe Gottes Wirken heftig durch ihn gesehen. Ich ging zu Lakeland, um zu unterstützen, was Todd und Fresh Feuer dort taten, weil ich glaubte, dass sich Gott stark in den Leben von Tausenden bewegte. Ich wusste auch, dass Todd viele Kritiker haben würde, genau wie wir mit der Erweckung in Toronto gehabt hatten. Ich wollte mit ihm stehen und sagen, “ich bin hier für dich. Lass dich von niemanden entmutigen, in dem was Gott durch dich tut.” Ich wollte für Todd verfügbar sein, wenn er Rat brauchte. Ich hatte keine Tagesordnung anders als zu sehen, was in Lakeland geschah und wie Todd diese Erweckung erfolgreich vorantrieb. Ich bedauere, dass ich nicht gewusst hatte, dass er in seiner Ehe leider Probleme hatte. Ich arbeite jetzt mit Bill Johnson und Che Ahn, um jeder Person zuzuhören, die der Situation nah ist, um guten Rat zu geben und den gegenwärtigen Problemen in der Liebe des Gottes gegenüberzustehen.

Wir erhalten alle viele Anrufe und lesen viel über alle diese Sachen im Moment. Etwas davon ist ziemlich hoffnungsvoll, und etwas davon ist nicht. Jedoch glaube ich, dass Gott durchbrechen kann. Wir alle wollen jede Hilfe zur Verfügung stellen, die wir geben können, um die Frucht dieser Erweckung zu bewahren. Wir tun das aus mehreren Gründen. Erstens lieben wir die Gemeinde, und das Werk, das Gott tut im Laufe der Erweckungen. Wir sorgen uns sehr tief über den Einfluss der Leiter der Gemeinden und Vorbilder auf den Leib Christi und der Welt. Wir sorgen uns auch über Todd und Shonnah, dem Fresh-fire Peronal und alle, die ein Teil der Lakeland Erweckung gewesen sind. Ihr seid unsere Freunde.

Todd hat beschlossen, etwas zu tun, was gemäß der Bibel falsch ist, und sein Timing ,dies bekannt zu geben, war ebenso unpassend. Jeder fragt sich, “Was geschah?” “Warum sah niemand dies voraus?” Wir machen aus den Antworten auf jene Fragen eine Sache des Gebets, und sind ebenso erschüttert und betrübt, was gerade geschehen ist, wie ihr seid. Außerdem ist es jetzt herausgekommen, dass er sich unangemessen verhalten hat, sowohl mit dem übermäßigen Trinken als auch mit einer Teilnehmerin an seinem Personal. Fällt bitte keine voreiligen Schlüsse oder nehmen du das schlechteste an, aber dieses Verhalten ist vor dem Herrn falsch.

Lass mich dich dazu ermuntern, unveränderlich zu deinem Glauben an Gott zu halten und dem Erlösungsprozess die Zeit zu geben, die es braucht und lasst uns sehen, was Gott tun wird. Weil ich an Gott glaube, glaube ich auch, dass Ihm nichts mit unmöglich ist. Er ist im Stande, die schlechteste Situation zu nehmen und du in ein großes Segen zu verwandeln. Werdet nicht voreilig öffentlich laut und urteilt nicht vorschnell.
Es ist Zeit, um diese Leute mit der Gnade zu behandeln, wie auch du würdest gern behandelt werden, wenn du fällst oder einen Fehler machst. Sei versichert, dass nichts unter dem Teppich ‘gekehrt wird,’ sondern wir bringen ihn ins Licht der Wahrheit Gottes in Gnade, damit wir den Plan des Teufels unterbrechen können, dieses geschehen zu verwenden, um Jesus Christus zu diskreditieren, dadurch dass wir das Leben von Todd, seiner Familie und seinen Freunden zerstören.

Der Heilige Geist, welcher vollkommen ist, muss unvollkommene Leute sogar in Erweckungen verwenden. Carol und ich weisen immer wieder Christen darauf hin, Achtsamkeit den Problemen der Integrität zu zollen. Die Bibel ermahnt jeden von uns, “Wache über Herz mit dem ganzen Fleiß; weil daraus die Quelle des Lebens fließt.” (Sprüche 4:23) christliche Führer sind zum hohen Standard verpflichtet, im Charakter und allen anderen Aspekten unserers persönlichen Lebens vorbildlich zu sein. Wenn ein Führer fehlt, breite sich die Nachrichten so schnell zu denjenigen außerhalb der Gemeinde aus, dass Scham und Anklagen auf den Namen von Jesus Christus und der Gemeinde gehäuft werden. Der Feind will diese Misserfolge verwenden, die Arbeit des Heiligen Geistes zunichte zu machen, wenn er kann.

Denjenigen, die in Lakeland gesegnet wurden, sage ich: Lass nicht den Samen der Hoffnung und Heilung, die in dein Herz gesät wurden, durch die Fehler dieses Leiters ausgerissen werden. Es war Gott, der dich berührte und das kann keiner wegnehmen es sei denn, dass du es erlauben. Fahre fort, Gott das Lob und den Dank zu geben. Ich bin bewusst, dass der Teufel einige Menschen verlocken will zu sagen, “erzählte ich Ihnen so.” Erlauben du nicht, sein Instrument zu werden, das Schwert der Wahrheit ohne Gnade auf diese Weise zu verwenden. Bevor du einen Stein wirfst, erinnere dich, dass du nicht ohne Sünde selbst sind. Denn Stolz kann so, einen feiner Halt in deinem Herzen finden. Was du jetzt sähst, wirst du in Zukunft ernten.

Hättest du während der Regierung von König David gelebt hättest du ihn für seinen moralischen Misserfolg beurteilt? Während er in der Sünde war, sah Gott das Herz von David und wusste, dass er korrigiert und ergelöst werden konnte. Seine Sünde und das Urteil Gottes darauf sowie die Tilgung Gottes der Situation wurden in der Bibel für jeden festgehalten, um zu lesen. Mein Gebet seit 1994, ist “mehr, Herr” gewesen!

Ich will mehr von deiner Liebe und Macht.” Ich will, dass Gott uns mehr Erweckung mit ganzem seinem Begleitsegen sendet. Ich will noch viele Bekehrungen, Heilung und Wunder sehen. Mehr als das, jedoch, will ich diese Tagen geführt von ehrenhaften und treuen Führern sehen, die nicht nur starke Gaben haben, sondern die im Herzen und Charakter rein sind.

Kann ich um deine Gebete für Todd und Shonnah und ihre Kinder in dieser Zeit werben, dass Gott, der Große Veränderer, diese Situation wunderbar ändern wird?

Viel Liebe euch allen in Jesus,
John Arnott am 17. August 2008“

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