HARVEST FESTIVAL: MorningStar-Konferenz mit Rick Joyner, Robin McMillan, Jason Hooper, Al Woods & Leonard Jones (19.-21.9.08)

Quelle: God.tv - God on demand | SPENDEN an GOD.TV

MorningStar Harvest Festival - LIVE from Fort Mill, USA:
“One of our biggest conferences every year is our Harvest Festival. The main purpose of this conference is to get the church ready for the harvest… that is upon us now. God is moving in a spectacular way in our time”, says MorningStar Ministries founder and conference host Rick Joyner.

The theme for Harvest Fest is preparing the way for the coming Kingdom, to ready the Church for the greatest harvest of all time. This is not only a conference, but a time of letting God’s Presence deliver, set free and heal!

Worship will be led by MorningStar’s Leonard Jones.